Below is a list of books I highly recommend. Keep checking in as the list will continue to grow. Sometimes I will write reviews and then post the book title here. I hope that this page will bless all who check out my blog and site.

This book is one that I can’t recommend highly enough. In its pages one will find a solid refutation of Calvinism. It gives solid scriptural evidence of why Calvinism is not a good system to adopt or to follow. Wilkin utilizes Scripture before using anything another man may have said about a Scripture. I highly recommend this book. It will encourage you as well as strengthen you.
This book is a must read for all who want to know how we are saved. In this book Wilkin lists and explains 100 verses that explain that salvation is by faith alone. It is a book that will help clarify any issue one has about salvation.

If you are struggling about security, even after reading Scripture, then get this book and read it. It will help you to learn and understand that once you have believed in Christ for eternal life, you have it forever and cannot lose it. This is a book that all believers need to read. It is highly recommended.
This book is a great introduction to dispensational theology. It is a deep study but written in a way that is very readable. It is clear and succint in the sections but he certainly teaches you what you need to know. I highly recommend this work. Once you have finished this one, go and get, “A Survey of Bible Doctrine.” Both are excellent and will guide you in the right direction. But not only these two. I recommend all Charles Ryrie books. If you find one then read it because you will receive solid theological teaching.
I think I recommend this book more than any other of Ryrie’s. This is a solid teaching of what Dispensationalism is and what it is not. Get this book and read it several times. It is worth every minute given to it. Read this one then go and read his book “Balancing the Christian Life.” After you do, you will understand why dispensational theology is the best system in studying Scripture. I highly recommend this work.
I recommend every Lewis Sperry Chafer book there is. He was a wonderful theologian and he wrote many solid books. This is one of the best. It explains how there can be carnal Christians and just because someone does not look and act like a Christian, does not mean they are not. Get this book and devour it. It is worth the time you spend and you will benefit greatly.
This work and the one I will list below it are both wonderful reads. They will aid the believer reading them in understanding grace from a man who exuded grace. This book teaches the freeness and amazingness of grace, while the one below teaches the amazingness of salvation. They teach how it is by belief alone and not works before or after that attains salvation. They explain that salvation is by grace alone but to receive it we must believe. A must read both.