This week and the next I will be presenting and elaborating on two of my favorite arguments for the existence of God. Neither are primarily derived from Scripture, but both are implicitly explained in Scripture. As the title suggests this week will be the Moral Argument.

In the Moral Argument as Presented by William Lane Craig we see a sound deductive argument. It is sound because the premises are valid and true. In other words, the premises logically guarantee the truth of the conclusion.

The argument as presented by Craig is as follows. 1) If God does not exist, objective moral values and duties do not exist. 2) Objective moral values and duties do exist. 3) Therefore, God exists.

There are indeed objective moral values. We can know this because we all believe that rape, child molestation, murder, genocide, and many more atrocities are wrong. Even those who reject that there is a God know these are wrong. The question is how does anyone know that these are wrong? If it is, as the atheists believe, by evolution and we just developed this because it is bad for the herd. It still does not make these crimes and actions objectively bad. No, it just makes them against the tribe because it is just not beneficial to the tribe.

There must be something beyond us, humanity, for there to be a real right and wrong. But before we get too far into the weeds on this point, let me first address what objective moral values and duties are.

Objective speaks of things we just know are right or wrong regardless of what another person’s opinion of them are. Imagine if you will that Hitler had won World War II. He then goes on and brainwashes everyone that the murder of the Jews and any other “inferior” race is good. That or kills off anyone who rejects and is against him on that. He then has the world convinced it is right and proper. Just because he has the world believing this does not make this right. No, it is objectively wrong because they are human beings with the same intrinsic value as any other human being. We all know that this is objectively bad and wrong even if he has everyone convinced it is right.

Values are those things that are bad or good. Moral values refer to the worth of a person or action. That something has value and is worthy of life and existence. That is how Hitler convinced many people that the genocide of the Jewish people was acceptable. He convinced them that they had less value than other people by convincing them they were not as human as they were. This is what objective values are.

Now, duties deal with what is right or wrong and to our obligation to act in a certain way. Simply, how we ought to act. A simple way of describing this would be that it is good for you to be a doctor but you are not morally obligated to be a doctor. There are many other jobs one can do that are good and proper, but you are not obligated to do one or the other, just to have a morally right job is your obligation. That is the ought. You ought to have a morally right job. This is to provide for your family and to not take from others to provide. This is the duty you have. This duty is that it is right to work and earn honestly for yourself and your family and it is wrong to not work honestly where you have to take from others to provide for your family.

Tomorrow we will look further into this argument and why God must exist for there to be objective good or bad.