This is a little different than what I usually produce here. But I had this as an assignment in one of my classes. I felt like it would be hard and I would not enjoy it, but I was wrong. This was quite fun and very edifying. I pray you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Praise be to the one true God of heaven and earth.

Praise Him because He is holy and worthy.

Praise His holiness and righteousness.

My praises shall ascend on high to Him because of His great salvation He has granted to the sons of man.

Praise be to God for this salvation He gives to those who are unworthy.

Praise Him for this imperishable and wondrous gift.

He is faithful and true. The absolute righteous judge.

I will praise Him in all circumstances.

His righteous judgments are true and holy.

They are to be praised all day long.

Morning and night are they to be praised. Oh Lord your holy name is to be lifted above all the names of man.

Praise the Lord for the righteous deeds He performs.

Praise Him that we can cling to His righteous deeds.

During Struggle and strife in life:

During Famine or feast:

You oh Lord are Holy and deserving of praise.

You oh Lord guide and strengthen your own.

You alone give life and bless your faithful ones.

In this life of wonder and worry, you oh Lord are our constant.

You, oh Lord are the right and true way.

In all situations and doubt, you oh Lord are the faithful and true.

In you all can rest and live life to the full.

It is in you alone Lord that real authentic life is found.

Praise the Lord all you faithful ones.

Praise be to the one true God of heaven and earth.

Praise His glorious name.

Praise His glorious nature.

Praise His faithfulness.

Praise the Lord all you faithful ones.

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