How quick we are to cast stones. We will attack people with little to no evidence. Sometimes we will attack contrary to the evidence. We do this because we are human and humanity is flawed.

As flawed humanity, we will seek our good above that of others. This is egoism. This means that we only consider the consequences for ourselves as individuals. We look at things and check to see if it is beneficial to us before we do anything. We do this not only in life choices such as buying a car, a house, or clothing but with people too.

When we do this with people we see what our group is saying then we join in. This is done so we do not stick out and become the target of attack. It is not always the case we may genuinely feel that what the group is doing is correct, but this is not always the case either.

In these situations, we see that it is quite unpopular to take a stand against the group. Our internal survival instinct is engaged and we naturally go with the flow. Just because we are surviving and not the center of attack does not mean we are right or even living. Just staying out of the attack and surviving is not the same as living. Sometimes living is dying for what was right and good. It is taking a stand whether alone or not.

In John chapter eight we see a scenario such as this. Jesus is teaching at the temple when a group of Pharisees bring a woman before Him (Vv. 1-3). They say she had been caught in the act of adultery (v.4). They do this and state that according to the Law of Moses she was to be stoned. Then they ask Him what do you say? (v.5) What would Jesus do? The Law of Moses, God’s Law, said she must be stoned. The Roman law said they could not do that because they did not carry the authority to punish someone by death.

This is quite the predicament. We see in the text that Jesus bent down and wrote in the sand (V. 7). What he wrote is a mystery. But it might be what He says when He stands, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone” (v. 7b).

Jesus knew she was a sinner. There was no doubt there because we are all sinners (Rom. 3:23). It is because of that why Jesus came to this planet for us (1 Cor. 15:1-4). Yet, because of that He knew they were all sinners and that they were sinning here. They were sinning here because they were not doing this because of the Law. No, they were being deceitful and trying to trap Christ.

Jesus was in a position that we find ourselves in at times. He was in a position that had no good answer. He was in a catch 22. If He called for her stoning He would break the Roman law. If He did not, then He would break the Mosaic Law. So, what happens?

Jesus gives us the example to follow. He said whoever is without sin cast the first stone (v. 7). Since no one is without sin, they could not cast a single stone.

his is what we must do. We do not just fall into step with the group. We need to analyze and see that sometimes the best move is to say that we are all fallen and sinners. This does not mean we agree with the opposing party, side, or group. No, it just means we realize we are all flawed and sinners. Many on the side being attacked are deceived and acting in the only way they know. Attacking them will not change anything.

This is why we must be as Jesus was in this story and show grace. Let them realize we are not out for blood, but for their eternal souls. If we attack them instead of stepping back and analyzing the situation and showing grace, we have sinned like the Pharisees and have pushed them further away.

This may be very difficult for you. You may lose friends for it. That is okay. Jesus and the soul of those who may be under attack are worth more than friends.