“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Gen. 1:1).

This is possibly one of the most powerful verses in Scripture. I say this because it has three of the most important words found in Scripture in it. These are Beginning, Created, and the most powerful God.

Why do I say these are three of the most important words found in Scripture? I do because it states there was a beginning point. That this beginning point was when creation happened. Then that this beginning point of creation was performed by God.

Beginning. This word is saying in the distant past there was a beginning of everything. This means that before that there was nothing. That it was empty and void. That there was no time or anything. Just imagine that. Think as hard as you can on this point. There was nothing. Just empty nothingness.

Nothing is exactly that, no-thing. It is the complete absence of anything at all. It is not a category where something may be found, per Lawrence Kraus, but complete and utter nothingness.

This is why the beginning is such an important word here. It means that from that void nothingness of nothing past something began. This something is creation. Creation began time so it is called the beginning. This is astounding. How could this happen? It took a being that is all-powerful and all-creative that is outside of time, not bound by time, that transcends time to do this. If He was inside of time, then there could not be a beginning. It would just be another point in time where creation created itself without a creator which would lead to an infinite regress of beginners. So, His being outside of time allows for there to be a beginning.

What was the beginning? It was the creation. The second important word. This creation is magnificent. In this creation, we see the work of a creator. Psalm 19 declares to us, “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork” (ESV 19:1). The apostle Paul stated, “For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world…” (Rom. 1:20). This creation demonstrates the work of an amazing creator. Creation is important because creation means there is something behind it that cares about it.

Look at creation. There is amazing beauty all around. Jesus said that the flowers of the field are in more glory and beauty than Solomon was (Matt. 6:29). This includes the flowers that are never seen. The creator took care and placed beauty throughout this creation. We can see His handiwork throughout it. This demonstrates that the creator cares about what He created. It is not just some random chance or something that He made and left. No, it is something that was made with care and is still cared about.

This leads to the ultimate of the three words, God. God created. This is the God. Not a god, but the God. He made all of this. It is something He wanted to do. Not something He needed to do. No, He created all of this because He wanted to. He created it, and us, because He just desired to do so. This is amazing. This points to why we can have salvation by Him. He made all this knowing we would falter and fall. He knew we would become evil and hate-filled. Yet, He created anyway because He is love and wanted to create something He could share His love to.

This means He made us because He wanted to make us and He loves us because He loves us. He does not need us. He did not have to make all this. No, He did it because He wanted to.

This is why Genesis 1:1 is such a powerful verse and one that I say is possibly the most important verse in Scripture. Know this today, God created all this because He wanted to. He created you because He wanted to. If you get down and feel unwanted remember you were created by God who did not have to create you but created you because He wanted to create you. Know that the all-powerful God made you because He wanted to. So, know you are of value to the one who is the highest value.

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