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Life Under the Sun

This may come across as a little odd, but my favorite book in the Old Testament is Ecclesiastes. I love this little book because it makes me think harder, and therefore it exercises my mind. Not only does it exercise my mind, but it helps us to understand the world and events happening in the … Continue reading Life Under the Sun

The Soul and Spiritual Disciplines

As Christians, we know that we are more than just physical bodies; we’re more than just biological material. We know that we are material bodies with an immaterial aspect to us. One knows this from reading Scriptures such as Second Corinthians 5:8. In that section, Paul speaks of the Christian not fearing death because they … Continue reading The Soul and Spiritual Disciplines

Spirit and the Church

What is the relationship of the Spirit to the Church? This question, if not answered, can cause some consternation. It can cause that grief because the Church could not exist without the power of the Spirit. If the Spirit were not empowering every believer, then if the church somehow existed, it would lack its power … Continue reading Spirit and the Church

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